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Separate Terms of Posting Rules
Refresh (Upload news)

News with BUY SERVICE, every day in addition to being automatically RENEED to the top of the area purchased, you also get 1 RENEW time every day.

Free news is also given 1 time RENEW. However, you will not be able to refresh too many stories in the same day, which will be limited by Pi98.shop’s own rules.

Duplicate Content (SPAM):

If you post duplicate messages, we reserve the right to refuse to approve the news. To avoid duplicate errors, you can do a RENEW of old news.

If you have many posts with duplicate content, you will be locked out of the POST function for a certain period of time. You can still use the REWARD function for posted messages.

After the lock date, if you continue to post duplicate messages, your account may be blocked again or your permission to post may be blocked permanently.

Priority automatic Browsing NOW:

To have priority news automatically Browse NOW (Note: if we detect a violation, the post will be rejected)
– Or buy services for postings.
Thus, customers who have paid fees and news will always be prioritized to Browsing IMMEDIATELY.
You will be solely responsible for the additional terms of your postings.

After 60 days from the last posting date, if the news is NOT RENEWED or DO NOT BUY SERVICE, the news will NOT be DISPLAYED on the web and the system will automatically keep it for another 365 days in the OTHER menu of the news management.

*In which: Last posting date is one of the following dates: last approval date, last refresh date, last service date.

Content-specific terms

Pi98.shop refuses to post information related to sex, crack, politics, religion; advertising and classified information about alcohol, tobacco, game meat, weapons of all kinds, imitation products or counterfeit products of other goods, other nationally prohibited items, and prohibited items. advertisement. If any such information exists on Muaban.net, the Management and Editorial Board of Muaban.net will screen and remove, delete from the system such information without prior notice.
For job postings, services, drugs, health… you may need to provide other permits according to state regulations.
For posts with a website or a link