Instructions for Making Viral Tiktok Videos Earn $2000/month

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Hello, everyone. You may know that making money online based on the current AI trend is very hot right now. That’s why today I will guide you on how to create a video using AI on the TikTok platform in the United States. TikTok in the United States allows you to earn money from short videos on this platform, and the advertising rates are very high; you can earn more than $2000 this way.

Without further ado, I will provide you with specific examples. Here is the TikTok channel of a user who creates videos like this:

You can see that they only have three short videos, but they have gained 1.2 million followers, with one video having over 40 million views. And this video was also created by AI. Isn’t it amazing? This user earned at least $3000 from just one video.

Now let’s get started with building our own video. Here, I will create a famous American celebrity character and use their famous quotes for voiceovers.

Step 1: First, go to and create a free account. They will provide you with 150 tokens per day to create characters. This is enough to create 4 to 5 characters. This should be sufficient for your needs.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a lot of AI-generated characters based on the text descriptions people have entered.

To create your favorite character, click on ‘AI Image Generation’ and enter the following English command: ‘Name, Front view…,’ and then click ‘Generate.’ This will instruct the AI to create the character according to your specifications. You can choose the number of images or image sizes based on your requirements. For example, I will create a character resembling Dwayne Johnson, a famous action movie star. The images generated by AI are impressive.

You can use any content you like, but here, I will show you an example using famous quotes from the character, so you may want to search for famous quotes from the chosen character online.

Step 2: Feed AI with the Spoken Content Use ChatGPT and type: “Give me 10 most famous quotes from <name>,” and you will receive a list of random quotes.

Step 3: Use AI to Clone the Voice of the Character Search on Google to find audio clips of the character speaking. For instance, search for “<name> speaking” and download the audio from YouTube using Afterward, use to isolate the voice from the music. Download the voice part.

Then, visit, click ‘Add Voice,’ select ‘Instant Voice Cloning,’ and add the voice file you extracted. You can also copy the quotes provided by ChatGPT.

If you wish to use this AI service, you can upgrade for just $5. Alternatively, you can use to clone voices for free.

Step 4: The final step is for you to Create AI Voice Animation Go to, create a free account, or log in with Google and start creating your video. Add an image of the character you created on Then, click ‘Audio’ to upload the voice file you created earlier. Click “CREATE VIDEO” and wait a few minutes for AI to automatically create a video for you. Note that this platform only offers 20 credits for a one-time registration, so you may need to use a different email if you run out of credits.
Once created, you can preview it and download it, use cap cut to edit notes, like adding background music to make it more vivid, and then you can post the short on TikTok or YouTube. Wishing you success. If you find the post useful, please leave 1 like and subscribe to the web. Thank you very much

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