The “culprit” behind the delay of the iPhone 15 Pro Max by up to 4 weeks is a Japanese company. Can you guess who it is?

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Apple will unveil the iPhone 15 series on September 12th with various upgrades. Among them, the Pro Max or Ultra model will be the highest-end version, boasting top-notch features, including a promising zoom lens. However, supply chain issues are causing delays for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, making it difficult to launch it on schedule along with the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. The root cause of this delay can be traced back to a Japanese company.

A recent tweet from the @Tech_Reve Twitter account revealed an important piece of information: the iPhone 15 Pro Max could be delayed by 4 weeks from the initial plan due to supply shortages of image sensors. The promising lens allows for a 10x optical zoom without compromising quality, making the device more competitive with top Android flagship phones.

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However, Apple relies entirely on Sony to provide enough sensors for all its lenses, including the 3D ToF sensor. The situation seems grim, and the company may have no choice but to delay the release of the Pro Max by a week. This will directly impact iPhone sales in the holiday season, as the Pro Max is the most highly anticipated model.

According to information from the supply chain earlier, Apple is betting that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be the best-selling model in this year’s product lineup. They have ordered production to account for 30-40% of the total output of 85 million units for 2023. Therefore, a one-month delay in the release compared to the original plan will have a significant impact on Apple’s business results.

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