The payment mechanism by Pi Network will be the same as Shopee, Amazon or Lazada

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What is the payment mechanism with Pi?

The Pi payment mechanism also requires a middleman, where the middleman will keep the buyer’s funds and will pay the seller if and only if the buyer receives the goods and confirms receipt of the correct goods without any product problem.


To become a salesman

Step 1: Register to become a seller

In this step, the seller needs to register an account, prepare some necessary information and documents about the product and the origin of the goods (if any).

Step 2: Filter products

The product screening step is decided by the intermediary. Will they evaluate the product for any policy violations?

Step 3: Run Testnet

Free product testing will not only be a test, but free trials will also be a form of bait for the store.

Step 4: Commit to the sales policy by depositing Pi

The seller deposits Pi, the seller commits to implement all the policies that the supplier offers


Like it or not, Pioneer is a seller or a buyer because the Pi is meant to be used, not stored like Bitcoin. Storing a lot will increase the price of the Pi, but will hinder cash flow. However, you do not have to worry about this because the PCT has calculated very carefully.

When you buy from an intermediary (with SDK integration), you can rest assured that the amount you paid has not been transferred to the seller immediately. This will be transferred to the seller if and only if you confirm receipt of the goods and the goods are undamaged.

This is the safest and best Pi payment mechanism for buyers and sellers.

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