Exchange gold watches with Pi. Buy an Apple phone with Pi network

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Hello to all the Pi Network community. I am delighted to share the news of the exchange of goods with Pi coins among Pioneers worldwide, with the GCV value being $314,159.

Let’s start with today’s news. There is a store in Vietnam named Thúy Dung, specializing in selling and repairing iPhones, which has agreed to exchange iPhones for Pi. If you are in Vietnam, don’t hesitate to visit this store for exchanges.

Also, in the realm of smartphones, a store specializing in selling Vivo phones has also agreed to accept Pi for their products. All of these phones are brand new. If you are interested in purchasing, this store is the place to go.

Here’s a tweet we found on Twitter: “Pi Payment is expanding its reach! Now you can use Pi Network’s digital currency to make purchases at various merchants across the globe. Say goodbye to traditional payment methods and embrace the future of transactions with Pi.”

You can even exchange a watch worth $219 for just 0.0007 Pi. Specifically, 2 Iranian citizens living in Qatar used PiCoin to pay 0.0007 Pi and traded a Seiko watch worth $219 with a GCV value of 1 Pi = $314,159.

With such high-value exchanges happening with Pi, we hope that the Pi Network will elevate the economy and digital currency to new heights. Sincere thanks to everyone involved. Readmore Crypto news

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