Hang up the automatic money making machine with Get Grass – Earn passive income of $900/year

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Transforming Unused Internet Bandwidth into Passive Income with Grass

Grass provides an excellent opportunity for users to leverage their internet bandwidth to generate passive income. Currently, the system operates as a Chrome browser extension and is in the process of development for iOS and Android devices.

In the future, Grass points will be convertible and can be paid using cryptocurrencies or PayPal.

Seizing the opportunity early allows you to optimize your daily Grass earnings.

Joining Grass is incredibly simple, involving two straightforward steps:

  1. Register an Account: Sign up for Grass.
  2. Download Grass on Chrome Browser: Grass Extension -> Log in and start earning Grass.

Currently, the earning rate is 85 Grass per hour.

Note: Whenever you start your computer, remember to open the extension and click “Open Dashboard” to activate. It’s incredibly simple!

Take advantage of the opportunity to earn money with Grass and enjoy a relaxed online lifestyle.

Twitter X: Project Link: https://twitter.com/getgrass_io

The project claims that annual revenues could reach up to $900 entirely passively.



Currently, the project offers a favorable three-tier referral mechanism for early users who are serious about building their teams:

  • Tier 1 (F1): 20% lifetime earnings
  • Tier 2 (F2): 10% lifetime earnings
  • Tier 3 (F3): 5% lifetime earnings

Overview of Getgrass:

  1. Introduction to Grass Beta: Finally, a decentralized way to earn money from your idle network resources and unlock the purest form of passive income. Details on how to join the beta are provided below.
  2. What is Grass: Grass is a browser extension that turns unused network resources into tangible rewards. It is efficient, and seamless, and doesn’t affect your web browsing quality or speed.
  3. How It Works: Grass operates by utilizing a portion of your unused network resources. The design ensures that only new, surplus resources are utilized. You won’t even notice it’s there, but you’ll certainly notice the rewards!
  4. Key Features: Grass utilizes your unused network resources, ensuring your web browsing experience is never compromised. Earn money while you surf the web and explore an exclusive world of rewards.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: With just a few clicks, you can activate Grass, track your earned Grass Points, and manage your options. It’s as easy as browsing the internet (because it is)!
  6. Safety and Transparency: At Grass, user privacy and security are our top priorities. We do not have access to your personal data, and the use of our resources is always transparent. You are in control.

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