How does Pi impact cash flow!!!

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We always ask ourselves, what is money? When making money, we ask what is cash flow? How to make a lot of money? Why is WON worthless in another country? …there are hundreds of such questions, and it’s hard to explain them all. But Thang will help you to understand more about the nature of money… Only then will we not let money rule us.

According to Wikipedia, money is understood as the universal equivalent of the exchange of goods and services. Currency is accepted by everyone, issued by the state, and backed by other assets such as gold, precious metals, bonds, foreign currencies, etc.

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, said, “People are sometimes confused when they think that the economy is money. Money is a database for exchanging goods and services,” Elon Musk said. “Money itself has no power. The real economy is goods and services.”

What is cash flow?

It can be simply understood as the flow, inflow, outflow or outflow (receiving and disbursing) of cash within a business. Cash flow will be related to net cash flow and net cash flow.

How does Pi affect cash flow?

Pi Network has and will act as money and cash flow in the world through a number of factors…

Pi is currency

The total supply is 100 billion Pi, and our economy is up to 100 billion Pi, broken down to 7 decimal places. It is like a coin when transferred from one person’s wallet to another. People use Pi to exchange goods and services where it is accepted.

Pi generates constant cash flow

It’s true that with fiat currencies, the cash flow is sometimes stagnant because people have spent all their money and are too lazy to spend it…so cash flow is very slow. With Pi, funds can flow seamlessly as transactions are cross-border, fast and virtually inflation-free.

The larger the ecosystem, the stronger the value of Pi. In short, Pi acts as the currency and the Pi ecosystem acts as its own cash flow generator.

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