Pi Network Coin Officially Successful

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In any case, Pi Network Coin has gradually formed value, and the Pi Network ecosystem will be completed from now to the end of 2022. Rumors about Pi not having a blockchain and the Pi Network scam are gradually being confirmed. never mind……

Pi Network tokens form price in closed Mainet

A closed mainnet is a term that refers to a blockchain that is officially launched but has a firewall and is only used by the internal community. The main purpose of the Enclosed Mainnet is to do final bug checking and build the project ecosystem by attracting investors.

The price of Pi Network coins is subject to the personal agreement

The Pi Core Team (PCT) stated that they do not affect the price of Pi coins, but allow them to grow naturally. So the cost of Pi varies from person to person.

These are just two typical examples where we can see the value of Pi is gradually forming. Regardless of the price of Pi Coin, it is indeed a success.

Pi Network is developing an SDK

An SDK (Software Development Kit) is a toolkit that helps developers integrate payment acceptance technology into their storefronts. This allows online shopping to give us the option to pay with Pi instead of bank transfers, credit/debit cards or fiat currency.

Once the SDK is distributed to programmers, most likely when you shop on Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay…we can pay with Pi Coin.

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Pi Core team will soon KYC the community

KYC is a very important part of the Pi Network ecosystem. Large projects like Pi need an ecosystem as large as possible. They need community participation in that ecosystem.

From now until the end of July 2022, the PCT will introduce the function of inviting referees to KYC. Thus, the KYC overload can be reduced while still being able to KYC for all pioneers in the ecosystem.

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