How to convert PDF file to Word without 100% Font error simply

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Due to the nature of my office work, the director often sends PDF files and asks to convert to word. However, I have used many online Pdf conversion websites but all have errors.

Therefore, today I will guide you to convert PDF File to Word without Font error with only important simple software that does not need to be installed.

So how to  convert PDF file to Word without font error fastest, please continue reading the article

Convert PDF File to Word
Convert PDF File to Word

Convert PDF File to Word without Font error with free Abbyy FineReader software

Step 1: Download the PDF conversion software  Abbyy FineReader portital version without installation at the link below.
I personally hate any Web sharing software that puts a shortened link in it. Clicking it keeps turning the page but not seeing the download link. If I put it in the driver, there are no ads for you to download quickly. Well, on my website, I have placed Google ads, if you find this article useful, please support me to buy milk for your baby (optional) The old version is simple to use and easy to understand. I’m using

Link Google Drive no ads:

You download and unzip. This version is ready to use, no installation required

Note:  this Portable version   you must include the folder in the exclusion list of antivirus so we can use it!. Because in the  portable version  there is an activation code ( active copyright ) available, so it was mistakenly recognized as a virus. You can rest assured that you have tested and are 100% clean.

ABBYY 14 Portable Version User Manual 

Step 1:  After  you  have downloaded  the above file , extract it  as usual  – Then we  open  the extracted folder
Step 2 : Here you  run the file  “ FineReaderPortable ” remember to turn off anti-virus. You can rest assured that I have tested for 3 months with no problems.

Step 3 : Choose  the language  you want and then press the “ Ok ” button

Step 4 : Wait a few seconds for the software to appear so you can  use it  without installing

Step 5 : Next, you click the eye icon to run the software and proceed to convert the PDF file. As shown below
(The software is capable of converting pdf, images.. to word)

Instructions to convert PDF files to Word with  PDF  Abbyy FineReader software

Select the PDF file to convert to word floor

When you’re done, just let it run and automatically open it to word=> save it.

With Abbyy FineReader PDF  software,  you can convert any Flie PDF to WORD you want without any Font error without any tools online.
Good luck. If you need to download free software without ads, please click here

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