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Pi Chain Mall, the pioneering ecosystem market of Pi Network, has recently introduced some game-changing updates, causing a stir in the cryptocurrency community. With over 650,000 pioneers holding PiChain Mall points (PCM), these announcements have the potential to reshape the landscape of assets and digital rewards.

Daily Login Rewards get an Exciting Adjustment

In a move set to undoubtedly excite the current PCM community and attract new users, PiChain Mall has announced a significant update to its daily login rewards system. Previously set at 0.5 PCM points, users can now expect a daily reward of 0.314 PCM points. This reduction in the daily reward quantity is offset by the unique significance of the number 0.314, symbolizing the true value of the mathematical constant Pi (π).

This change not only aligns with the mathematical foundation of the Pi Network but also reflects PiChain Mall’s commitment to creating a sustainable and valuable ecosystem for pioneers. As PCM points become increasingly scarce, these daily login rewards are poised to become highly coveted within the PCM ecosystem. Pi pioneers are encouraged to log in daily to take advantage of these limited rewards, which hold significant potential for substantial utility use cases.

In this era of scarce digital assets, the reduced daily rewards only add to the allure of the PiChain Mall ecosystem, paving the way for innovative new applications.

PiNFT 2.0: The Future of NFTs on Pi Testnet

PiChain Mall doesn’t stop at daily rewards; they are elevating the stakes further with the upcoming release of PiNFT 2.0. This next-generation Non-Fungible Token (NFT) platform is currently undergoing internal testing on the Pi testnet and is poised to revolutionize the world of digital collectibles.

PiNFT 2.0 isn’t just any NFT platform; it seamlessly integrates with PCM points, providing a unique and unprecedented experience for both collectors and NFT creators. Ambitious owners of PiLand and PiFind NFTs will be in for a treat. Those securing these NFTs before the launch of PiNFT 2.0 will have the opportunity to enjoy a 5% royalty fee after the 2.0 upgrade.

This innovative approach to NFTs has positioned PiChain Mall as a trailblazer in the fusion of blockchain technology, digital art, and collectibles. To stay updated on the latest developments related to PiNFT 2.0, the PiChain Mall team encourages enthusiasts to join their PiNFT Telegram group, where they can engage in conversations and gain a deeper understanding of this groundbreaking project.

With these exciting updates, PiChain Mall continues to demonstrate its commitment to building a robust and sustainable ecosystem within the Pi Network. Pioneers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike should closely follow the PCM ecosystem, as it lays the groundwork for significant utility use cases and pioneering opportunities in the ever-evolving world of blockchain technology.

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