Pi Network – Chinese expert predicts Pi’s price will exceed $30,000 by 2025

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Hello everyone, welcome to Pi Network news shared by Pi China. Please listen and evaluate.

Pi Network – Chinese expert predicts Pi’s price will exceed $30,000 by 2025.

Chinese experts have the latest predictions that by 2025, the price of one Pi will exceed $30,000. Hold onto your Pi, and you’re sure to reach the pinnacle of life.

Pi's price will exceed $30,000 by 2025
Pi’s price will exceed $30,000 by 2025

The most pressing question when introducing Pi to friends is about its value – is it worth anything? This is the biggest motivation to bring friends into the Pi network. We often see many friends sending predictions about Pi’s future value. Some say it’s worth a few dollars, some say tens or hundreds of dollars, and most believe it’s worth $1,000. They are all excited, but there are also some skeptics who say, “My Pi is free and worthless.”

In reality, they don’t understand the relationship between value and consensus. Taking the US dollar as an example, let’s assume only one or a few people use the US dollar worldwide. Could it circulate globally? No, it’s impossible. The reason it can circulate worldwide and be used for transactions is because people worldwide know the US dollar, recognize its monetary attributes, and thousands of people use it for various transactions. Its value comes from excessive issuance. Many countries are selling US debt, and the US can’t export inflation.

The US dollar will collapse sooner or later. In other words, even if the US dollar is not unique, it will only rise and not collapse when the consensus of the US dollar is low. The US dollar has no value anymore. The US dollar is not a commodity and is not distributed. The volume of issuance has elements that are considered to be controlled because policy has reduced it to about $30,000 in recent times.

And Bitcoin is expected to continue its price rise to hundreds of thousands of dollars in the future. Let’s consider the ups and downs of Bitcoin. Although we don’t directly hold Bitcoin in our hands, at the very least, we can observe the increasing popularity of this virtual currency. The blockchain project has also amassed a significant amount of assets.

Today, when an expert has made a forecast that Pi’s price could reach approximately $30,000 for the first time, many friends have viewed this as a dream. However, experts have provided evidence of Pi’s strength from various perspectives. This surely has its reasons because of the Pi blockchain network and its ecosystem. Many economists predict that Pi could have a value of around $5,000 in the next two years, and by 2025, the price of one Pi token could surpass $30,000. This will safeguard your assets and ensure the prosperity of the Pi Network.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the structure of Pi. I will quickly conduct a comprehensive analysis of the Pi network once again. Nicolas, the founder of Pi Network, announced on the app’s notification channel that their test network currently has tens of thousands of active nodes, making it one of the largest P2P networks in the world. This also means that we will have more information about the official Pi project. With this massive network, Pi has become one of the most popular decentralized cryptocurrencies in the world.

Unlike the dollar, Pi is not just a piece of paper in itself. The value of Pi depends on the consensus of the global community. When tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions, of people worldwide recognize the value of Pi, promote it, and use it, it will inevitably create value. And this value will be shared among all participants regardless of their natural endowment. Pi Coin truly has value.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about whether Pi can be exchanged for cash or any specific product. Focus on accumulating as much Pi as possible and help many others learn about Pi. Help more people participate. When tens of millions of people from over 100 countries and territories…

In fact, the world operates similarly to how the US dollar operates. A dollar bill does not have intrinsic value on its own; it’s just a piece of paper made from trees.

However, what matters is that people have unified and reached consensus on the value of the US dollar. This is an example of the relationship between consensus and value. Before the US dollar had value, there was consensus among people that it would be accepted and used as a medium of exchange.

Similarly, Pi’s currency will also have value when there is enough consensus and widespread usage by tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of people worldwide. This will create value for Pi, and this value will be shared and exchanged among participants.

There’s no need to worry that Pi cannot be exchanged for cash or specific products because its value is determined by consensus and the user market.

Keep accumulating Pi and help raise awareness about it. When there are enough users who believe in the value of Pi, it will naturally become a valuable digital currency, offering significant financial opportunities for participants. Wait and see how Pi becomes famous worldwide by the end of this year and in the future.

Indeed, the process of developing and creating value for Pi can be seen as creating a completely new and unique digital currency. Pi will belong to its participants, independent of intermediary financial institutions, and it is built on blockchain technology, ensuring safety and security.

Participating in Pi mining without the need for a cash investment is a rare opportunity. Don’t let negative thoughts or doubts about Pi affect your determination. Keep accumulating Pi and engage in the community with a positive spirit.

When Pi becomes a valuable and globally renowned digital currency, each Pi in your possession will have significant value. Keep pursuing your goals and wait to see the future achievements of Pi by the end of the year and beyond.

Pi Network Will Reach Its Peak When the Pi Core Team Successfully Implements Smart Contracts.

Hello everyone, especially the pioneers in the Pi Network community. We would like to announce an exciting and promising development that will benefit our Mini World blockchain network entirely. It’s the introduction of protocol update number 20 for the Stella blockchain.

If upgrading Instagram was a revolutionary event in September last year when they upgraded, Soroban, the name of version 20 for Stella, also promises a similar transformation.

However, it’s important to note that this is not a change in the consensus algorithm, as Peter explained, because Stella belongs to a “group of stack” network.

The Pi Network community, especially the tech-savvy pioneers, has been closely following this event with great interest. The community believes that if this upgrade succeeds, it will create conditions for the Pi empire to grow even stronger. So, what exactly is Stella’s Soroban, and how does it affect the Pi Network? Is Pi Network preparing the necessary steps to upgrade their network if Soroban succeeds?

Today, we have invited our experts to share a more detailed technical analysis of this issue. For Stella’s Soroban, the development process will begin with the release of a Testnet for the upgrade. Specifically, the technical data for this version is called protocol 20, and the official network test run is scheduled for when this upgrade is deployed.

On Wednesday, September 20th, at 15:00 UTC, non-validator nodes will be authorized to participate in a vote to approve this upgrade. This process will last approximately 6 weeks from September 20th. Although this is just a test version, the community’s interest in Soroban is significant.

Through this update, Stella will be able to build smart contracts directly on their blockchain. In fact, initially, Stella and Ruble were not designed with smart contract capabilities. However, over time, it became clear that smart contracts bring many significant benefits to blockchain networks.

Therefore, Stella has found a way to develop this feature. What does all this have to do with the crucial information we are discussing here regarding Pi Network?

Please pause for 5 seconds and leave your answers below. We will continue to analyze it in the final part of today’s video. How important are smart contracts to a blockchain? A smart contract, a blockchain-based transaction protocol, aims to execute the terms of a contract without the need for third parties. It automates and records the legal actions of the parties involved in the agreement.

To explain it more simply, pioneers can use smart contracts to carry out transactions when they meet predefined requirements, allowing all transactions to occur automatically without their intervention.

Smart contracts have been applied in various fields, from large enterprises researching and applying them in specific business operations to applications in international trade. Global activities can participate in financial ecosystems to execute smart contracts, connecting retailers and suppliers.

Smart contracts help resolve disputes quickly and create more reliable relationships between parties. They also increase transparency in digital transactions and help avoid issues related to fraud and poor security.

Should Bitcoin develop smart contracts on the Pi Network or not? This question will undoubtedly take time to answer, and it may depend on signals from Bitcoin. Currently, there is no official information about whether Bitcoin will participate in the development of the Pi Network to run smart contracts.

However, if Soroban on the Stellar Blockchain becomes successful, and Stella successfully deploys smart contracts on their platform, Pi Network could benefit from this. The Pi Network and pioneers would see the barrier of smart contracts reduced, potentially opening up a borderless trading space in the cryptocurrency world.

It’s essential to monitor the development of Soroban and the Stellar Blockchain and await official information from related projects. The question of whether Bitcoin will participate in the development of smart contracts on the Pi Network remains a question mark and requires careful analysis and consideration.

Lastly, if you have opinions or contributions regarding this question, please leave your thoughts for discussion within the Pioneer community. Also, if you find the video helpful, please Follow, Like, and Share to spread the message about the Pi Network project to the community and help people understand it better.

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Not receiving a KYC invitation means you are the lucky one

Pi network selected. You will implement a specially designed KYC program special and perfect in the future, then go to the main net and boast to the world. Those who are stuck with KYC means you have not performed the KYC process perfectly but you are also the chosen one () You will have the opportunity to experience the largest, most widely distributed and most difficult improvement plan in the world introducing KYC Solutions until it becomes a KYC process
most perfect. It’s okay, just have fun and be the best

So here is the mod’s encouragement for those of you who are stuck in the KYC process and have not received a KYC invitation (Know Your Customer). This means you will participate in the latest, perfect, and also the most challenging KYC process in the world.

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After you successfully complete this process, you should be proud of it.

That’s the mod’s motivation.

I don’t know what you think about this new KYC process. Do you find it enjoyable or troublesome?

I hope you cheer up because you are the pioneers chosen by the core team.

And next, here is the official announcement from the Pi core team posted on Twitter with the following content:

Source: @PiCoreTeam

Thanks to the community’s efforts, the Developer Ambassador Program has made considerable progress in onboarding new developers to build Pi apps on Mainnet Ecosystem. To give more people a chance to join the program and receive 1000 Pi for onboarding new devs, we’re extending the deadline to December 31! Read this to learn more about the program: ow.ly/S6PL50PNAcy

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