Pi network news – Indian shop “king of cars” participates in the exchange with pi coin

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Hello everyone, very happy to share the latest news from the Pi network news with you again.
Okay, without saying much more, let’s get right to today’s news.
This information is extremely valuable and very happy for Pioneer in India:
Cave door! The “King of Cars” in Gulbarga, India, is now joining the Pi Network! Agree to buy, sell, and install car accessories with the Pi network. GCV = 314000$.

You can see that the person who posted the article in this photo has a lot of followers, including a green check mark. You can follow the full text of the post on Twitter through the photo or the full text of this post:
“Car enthusiasts rejoice! The “King of Cars” in Gulbarga, India, is now joining the Pi Network! Meet your auto accessory and installation needs and embrace the future of payments! “
Pioneers in India, please come to this location to discuss
In Vietnam, the Pioneers used gold in exchange for Pi. The consensus value is $100/1pi. You can watch it in this video. I can briefly translate it for you to understand.
Here they say:
“How much is 1 pi in consensus? The person exchanging gold said, 100$ 1 pi, some even said he could exchange gold to flatter his wife. That’s right,… Bring your Pi wallet here to transfer, I will exchange a lot, copy the wallet, and send it to me..”
That’s today’s news, please watch the whole video. Below are the factors for Pi to cost $314,159 when the mainnet opens.
Pi Network (PI) when converting from the test net to the main net is a problem sooner or later. However, it is possible to consider several factors that may affect the value of PI when the main net opens:
Demand and Community Growth: User growth and growth of the Pi Network community could increase demand for PI tokens. If more people use and accept PI as a means of payment or hold it for investment purposes, its value may increase.
Understanding and Trust from the Community: Understanding and trust from the user and investor community can be a key factor. If the community believes in the technology and potential of Pi Network, they can keep the tokens and not sell them, which can increase their value.
Fairness and Distribution: How the token is distributed and how fairly it is distributed among community members can affect its value. If there is a fair and transparent distribution system, this can increase trust in the community and preserve the value of the token.
Alignment with Projects and Partners: Collaboration with other projects, businesses, and partners can create applications and opportunities to use the PI token, thereby increasing its value.
Global Market Situation: Volatility in the global cryptocurrency market may affect the value of PI. If the overall cryptocurrency market is increasing in value, PI may increase as well.
The Interesting and Potential of Pi Network Technology: If Pi Network develops practical and attractive applications, this can increase the interest and value of the token.
Through consensus exchanges between Pi users, as well as many large companies connected to Pi, we can hope that a value of $314,159 can be generated.

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