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Hello to all crypto enthusiasts, and greetings to the Pi Network community. In today’s post, I will be summarizing the goods exchanged with Pi Coin at the prevailing rate of GCV $314,159.

Before we dive into the Pi Network updates for today, is there anything noteworthy? Let’s begin.

Convert your Pi to real money through PayPal; the app is currently in sandbox testing. Today on Twitter, there was shared information that a Pioneer used the Pi test mail to transfer to the PayPal application to cash out. This is just a trial version, but it indicates that the connection between the Pi Network and PayPal is underway.

The conversion process is very swift. Although we haven’t verified the accuracy of this information, it has generated excitement within the Pi community and raised hopes for the Pi Network project. Also, on the same day, the Pioneer community organized an offline event to exchange products using Pi Network.

Pi Coin continues to trend at the top worldwide. Pi Network remains a highly sought-after project and is prominently mentioned in various countries and regions. Recently, according to reports from the Pi News page on Twitter, it has been indicated that Pi Coin has become a popular digital asset in Brazil, ranking alongside renowned cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, and Sol.

In South Korea, there is a significant push for consensus in product exchanges with Pi Network, equivalent to GCV $314,159. Many restaurants in SEOUL have posted signs indicating 100% Pi consensus for customers who come to enjoy their dishes. You can see the photos below.

In Indonesia today, we witnessed a pioneering individual mining Pi exchange a Realme 11 Pro phone for 0.0135 Pi, which amounts to nearly $600 in cash.

With numerous transactions and product exchanges using Pi Network in recent days, we can observe that Pi Network has changed people’s lives and their habits of using paper currency.

Thank you for watching the Post, and we look forward to seeing you in the next one!

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