Pi network – Pi core team Mainnet open date confirmed?

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Recently, the Pi Network App has released its latest announcement regarding updates for the Pi network. Among the highlights is the move towards Mass KYC for user accounts and the plan to build an Ecosystem for users.


Pi network open mainnet – The update from the Pi Core Team this time is quite substantial. In addition to announcements about plans and new steps in applying KYC tools, the development team has also indicated that they will accelerate the pace of KYC.

By increasing the verification rate for Pioneers by an additional 18% across the network and adding a 13% increase in KYC rate for those who have already verified their phone numbers and Facebook, this will help users to get KYC verified sooner than before.

With the current KYC progress, as well as the applications within the ecosystem, we realize that Pi Network may not be able to move towards its mainnet launch in 2023, especially with only about 3 weeks left until the end of September 2023.

Instead, a milestone we are considering is the value of the Pi index, specifically 1 Pi = 3.14.

Why 3/14?

We want to draw attention to March 14, 2024. It’s not just a mathematical coincidence that Pi’s value is 3.14. The three-month timeframe is also suitable for the network to complete Mass KYC, projects within the ecosystem, and applications from Hackathon competitions.

These are the updates related to the Pi Network project that we wanted to share with you. Pi Network still has a long way to prove its value to the international community. We should research carefully before investing, avoid FOMO, and be cautious of those who may take advantage of the situation.

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