Reasons why Pi network has not opened Mainnet yet

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Pi network mainnet – Pi network open mainnet something that most of us are looking forward to. However, no information has been officially announced yet regarding the launch date  pi network mainnet, even though it has been over four years since the project started. The question that arises here is why it’s taking so long.

Pi open mainnet
Pi open mainnet

Pi network mainnet 2023?

Of course, everything has its reasons. Up to now, more than three point one million wallets have been moved to the Pi network mainnet. This means that these wallets now contain Pi coin that can be used for transactions. These three point one million wallets make up about six point eight percent of the total wallets currently in circulation. This is quite a small percentage when you look at the overall project.

However, many pioneers have criticized and pressured the team, hoping that they would launch the mainnet immediately. Did you know that if the project were to launch Open Mainnet right now, it would only be available to six point eight percent of the pioneers who have moved Pi to their wallets? Meanwhile, you should also know that over ninety three point two percent of pioneers who have been mining Pi tokens would only be able to watch their accounts and see those pioneers who have already received Pi tokens in their wallets, enjoying the benefits. Is Pi Network supposed to be for the majority in the true sense?

We are talking about the issue that at least all the Pi miners need to study. In order to launch Open Mainnet immediately, the project will need at least forty percent of the wallets that have received Pi tokens to move Pi to their wallets. And be ready for the launch of Pi Open Mainnet. This way, a certain large number of accounts will participate in the phase right at the launch, as it is impossible to launch Open Mainnet with only six point eight percent of the pioneers.

If you recognize and understand this, then you will surely be patient. According to personal predictions, Pi will be launched in early twenty twenty four. Some people also predict that Pi will be launched in twenty twenty five. So, we can estimate that the launch time will be somewhere between twenty twenty four and twenty twenty five.

After watching this video, I hope you will realize something and continue to be patient and wait for the project. Your contribution to the Pi project will help the team complete it and move towards an open and faster future. Thank you for watching and staying updated with information from PI INVEST. Please leave a like if you enjoyed the post. Good luck to all Pi Network members.

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