Are Baseus headphones any good? Baseus headset review

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Are you looking for a quality headset at a reasonable price? So let Piinves introduce you to a headset from Baseus that meets 3 criteria: beautiful design, quality sound, and affordable price. So are Baseus headphones good? How’s the quality? Should I buy it? Follow the next post to get the answer!

Are Baseus headphones good?
Are Baseus headphones good?

Baseus headset is one of the products in the phone accessories industry, manufactured by Shenzhen Times Innovation Technology corporation from Hong Kong. Baseus products are diverse from headphones, power banks, to charging cables, screen protectors, cases… All have unique design ideas and a modern and luxurious appearance, so they are very popular. many people like.

In particular, Baseus headphones are very interested and sought after by many consumers. Because it is considered to be a highly complete line of True Wireless Bluetooth headphones, with an eye-catching design, but an affordable price, the Baseus headphones have received more and more compliments from their customers.

2. Baseus . headphone review

Outstanding design, stylish

The headset has a trendy appearance, with many youthful and elegant colors for you to choose from such as blue, orange, white, and black. The size of the charging box is also compact, fits only with a weight of 4g – 4.2g, convenient to carry anywhere, without taking up too much space in your backpack, or bag.

Designed in an In-ear style, so while using the device, you will not feel pain in your ears, but on the contrary will feel extremely comfortable. At the same time, the equipped suction magnet will help your headphones firmly stick to the charging case, without worrying about falling or falling when taking it out / putting it in.

Powerful, lively sound

Baseus has equipped its headphones with advanced technologies such as Hi-Fi sound, Spatial Audio algorithm and Hybrid ANC, resulting in vivid, realistic, accurate sound quality and also extremely noise reduction. effective. Not only does this make it feel like you’re listening to music from all sides, but you also get the clearest, best sound quality.

The headset is also integrated with Adaptive EQ technology, which will automatically adjust the volume frequency to match the song, in order to achieve the best audio experience for users. In addition, you can also activate the virtual assistant very easily by simply tapping 3 times continuously on the left or right ear.

In addition, Baseus is also very observant and cares about customers when in each product box there are 2 more pairs of removable ear cushions with different sizes, ensuring suitable for most users. This will help you not to feel uncomfortable because the headset is too small, keeps falling, or is also too big to fit you.

Bluetooth connection technology 5.3

Baseus headphones also have Bluetooth 5.3 connection technology with stable connectivity and a maximum connection range of 120m, 4 times more than previous generations of Bluetooth. This highlight helps the device transmit audio more smoothly, providing a seamless experience, without losing signal midway.

Continuous use for more than 6.5 hours but only takes 1 hour to fully charge

In addition, the 35mAh capacity and battery life from 6.5h – 7h, depending on the headset line, is also a strong point of the product. There is also a charging box with up to 30 hours of use, the same 400mAh of capacity and supports fast charging of the headset in just 10 minutes, for up to 2 hours of continuous experience. This helps provide a full day of music enjoyment, without worrying about being interrupted by the device’s battery drain.

Should I buy Baseus headphones?

Overall, a True Wireless Bluetooth headset with a beautiful design, comes with strong, vivid sound quality, stable and seamless wireless connection and long usage time, without worrying about interruptions in the process. user-friendly, but also reasonably priced. Then Baseus headphones will be a product that you should take home immediately!

Above is an introductory article about Baseus headphones and some outstanding, good price headsets at Piinves product reviews. Thank you for following along and hope this article will bring you useful information.

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