New features on iPhone 15 Pro Max Ultra are expected to be released

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At the beginning of the year, iFans are waiting for information from Apple to announce new products, recently the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max models released have not shown any signs of cooling down. But recently, there have been some leaked information about the future iPhone 15 Pro Max Ultra model that Apple will launch..

Currently, Apple has been putting a lot of effort into this update. Although the time to launch new features on iPhone 15 is still a few months away, there have been many leaked sources revealing valuable features about this update. Let’s take a look at the most outstanding information about new features on iPhone 15 with Piinves!

iOS 17 update shows new features on iPhone 15

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said that iOS 17, called Dawn, will not have many innovations compared to iOS 16. Meanwhile, an account named LeaksApplePro asserts that iOS 17 will focus on fixing the remaining bugs. backlog on IOS version 16 and improved stability.


iOS 17 update coming soon

Another reliable source said that Apple may improve applications such as Mail, Wallet, Fitness, Home and Find My to bring a better experience to users. In particular, Apple will release a new application to support virtual reality glasses Apple Glass will be released in 2023.

One of the new features on the leaked iPhone 15 will run iOS 17 operating system in addition to this operating system will support on 6 iPhone models with Dynamic Island screens. This shows that the iPhone 14 series of which only two models iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are equipped with this technology, and it is highly likely that the iPhone 15 versions are equipped with Dynamic Island screens.

In addition to the update, there are not many changes from the old generation iOS 16, focusing only on software improvements and features that iOS 16 brings. But there is another notable information that the iPhone 15 series will be equipped with a Lightning port to switch to USB-C. In which, the two standard versions, iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, achieve the same transmission speed as the regular Lightning port Apple is still using. Only two higher-end models, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra, achieve faster transfer speeds.

Redesigned iPhone 15 charging port

The new features on the changed iPhone 15 charging port design do not stop there, the most advanced model line iPhone 15 Ultra is also equipped with separate image processing software, which means that the camera on this model will have Big difference with other versions. In addition, a reliable source said that the iPhone 15 Ultra can also integrate a processor chip that provides stronger performance with a better heat dissipation system, although it is still equipped with the A17 Bionic chip on the production process. 3nm.

Recently, leaked information from the leaked iPhone 15 series shows that the most advanced iPhone model coming in a few months is expected to change in terms of the design of the charging port that comes with a titanium frame with the amount of RAM. bigger. This may also be the only model in the iPhone 15 series with a periscope camera on the back along with other upgrades to the dual camera on the front.

Memory of iPhone 15 series

The memory of the iPhone 15 series will start from 256 GB, maybe Apple will add a 2 TB capacity option to its phone model. The reason is that users need to store quite large data and the user life cycle of using the iPhone model is quite long, along with another reason that the applications are now getting heavier for the iPhone model with a capacity of 2 TB will be very difficult. suitable for many people.

Although the iPhone 14 predecessor generation has been greatly improved in terms of battery life, with leaked sources, the A17 chip with 3 nm process will help further improve the power consumption to bring experience. better to the user.

The camera of iPhone 15 has been upgraded

Besides the new features on the upgraded iPhone 15, other notable information is that Apple will upgrade the camera parameters with a periscope lens for superior zoom capabilities. With this valuable upgrade, the iPhone 15 series model when launched will certainly be a formidable opponent of Android while other Android companies are also tending to upgrade the camera in taking photos and zooming, now feature This is being focused by manufacturers and promoted quite strongly.

The exterior design of the iPhone 15 has been changed

Other leaked information, in addition to the features inside the device, in terms of design, also improved the power buttons and the volume up and down keys will be replaced by jet buttons like the versions with the home button on the iPhone 7. that you already know. The connectivity of iPhone 15 Ultra will be applied a completely new technology, Wifi 6E for 6Hz pairing, this technology helps to further improve the speed of receiving wireless signals more efficiently.


Another new source knows that the iPhone 15 series model will use the M13 panel from Samsung for its new iPhone models, so it will certainly bring a more impressive image than its predecessor, the iPhone 14 series.

How much will the iPhone 15 cost?

According to a source from LeaksApplePro, the selling price of the iPhone 15 Ultra model will probably range from about $1,999 to $1,299. If compared with the iPhone 14 Pro Max model at the time of launch, priced from $ 1,099, equivalent to VND 25.9 million, this shows that the iPhone 15 Ultra model will cost slightly more than its predecessor model.

Above is a summary of new features on iPhone 15 as well as leaked information from the upcoming iPhone 15 series. Do you have any new information, please leave a comment to share the information with us! Follow the technology news channel to wait for more new news!


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